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Born in 1971 in Ravenna, drawing enthusiast from the most tender age, I started scribbling something vaguely resembling a comic at the age of 6 years. From what I remember the pencil has been my faithful companion, i've then soon switched  to the various types of traditional media such as acrylics, pastels, chine, always with the desire to experiment with new techniques in my earlier work. Then, at the age of 15 years, the encounter with the world of computers changed the way of understanding art, drawing, illustration, and since then I started to draw and paint with the use of digital media. I prefer the  illustration, maybe because you can concentrate better and longer on every single detail. Towards the early years 2000 helped by the spread of the internet I published online an early version of my current site, which contained, in addition to first illustrations, several works produced in many years,  like some digital artworks in collaboration with international models, for which I have created various pinup illustrations.
At the same time i have always been fascinated by the universe, by all those ' bright dots ' I saw every night, in the dark sky, and that I was trying in vain to make sense, a conformation. With the exit on newsstands, back in 1984, of the great ' Corso di Astronomia ' published by Fabbri, and directed by Margherita Hack and Corrado Lamberti, step by step, I began to follow, season by season, the figures in the sky, first with easy naked eye, then with my first, historical, telescope, beginning to observe the Moon , planets and deep-sky objects.
In June of 1985 then the event that made me switch from simple fan  to real amateur astronomer, the inauguration of the beautiful Planetario di Ravenna, where I met a few days after the event, those who at the time were the focus of local Associations of amateur astronomers to whom I was member for a few years, until i left the group to continue alone.
Over the years I have observed and followed astronomical events such Sun and Moon eclipses, comets, deep sky objects, planets, and much more, driven by an endless passion, using only a modest instrument.
Today, 30 years later, I expanded both astronomical and photographic setup (driven also by my passion for photography, especially the aviation photo ...), and I'm still tweaking and perfecting the equipment that allows me to, when the weather allows clear and dark evenings, to watch ", where no man has gone before...".
In addition for passions for photography and astronomy, in the early years of the new millennium i became interested in the aviation photography, photographing planes, in public exhibitions (airshows) or during rallies and/or special events. Let's say that i love the planes (especially military ones), since the days of 'Top Gun', when i discovered also first flight simulators on Amiga and PC, and i expanded a little bit the topic 'aviation' thanks to the web,  and to friends 'spotters'.
If something flies, and maybe makes a nice noise, be sure that somewhere you might see a telephoto lens pointed at the sky ...
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