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I'm a photographer, amateur astronomer, aviation enthusiast, and drone certified pilot, specialized for several years in sky, aviation and airshows photography.
I like to spend many nights of the year under clean and dark skies with my astrophotographic setup, to catch all the beauties of the deep sky, and all our Universe has to offer to us.

The love for photography  combined with the interest in military jets has led me to begin years  ago to photograph aviation events, acquiring considerable experience  in this area, which I follow as an enthusiast, attending to airshows and exclusive events.
I'm also interested in the photography of landscapes, castles, and all enchanted places that nature knows how to give us ...

I would also like to expand my experience in other genres of photography, such as portrait and shooting with models, so I would also be interested in collaborations with models, even without experience, to expand my portfolio and my experience as a photographer.

If you are interested in collaborations or you like my works, you can contact me for infos or requests.
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